Apply this 5 Minute Method Before Bed and Your Life Will CHANGE


The way we sleep can improve our ability to manifest

When we are asleep, we stop conscious thought
allowing our stressed minds to take a break

Our subconscious mind takes over, and we feel comfartable
because the subconscious has free rein over what is going on
whatever you are thingking about as you fall asleep
that is what you are programming into your brain for the night

You can choose how you program your subconscious mind.

We have up to 60.000 to 70.000 thoughts a day
and 90% of those thoughts are the same ones we had the day before
and the day before that.

This creates a fixed way of thingking
that doesn’t allow for change
and therefore doesn’t allow for a new reality.

You may be hoping your life will change
but if you repeat familiar thoughts and behaviors,
your life remains the same.

In order to change, you must think differently.

The principles of the Law of Attraction tell us
that our brains cannot tell the difference
between an imagined reality and an actual experience.

Our imaginations allow us to communicate
to our subconscious minds by the power of thought alone.

That is an incredible thing!

What if you spent the last five minutes of your day
to program your subconscious mind positively rather than worry

Most people lie in bed
and review everything that went wrong that day.

Before you know it
you are feeding your fears and anxieties
and just setting yourself up to repeat them

You can change those thought patterns…

By expressing gratitude for the positive things in your life
and by imagining what you want yo experience as real

It takes effort to think ourside of your box
But the rewards will be immense and life changing.
As you are preparing for sleep each night,
instead of reviewing the old fears and worries,
begin by saying to yourself,
how would I feel if my wishes came true?

Let your mind drift purposefully into screnarios where you
already have the things you wish for.

When we experience feelings of happiness and gratitude
for what we already have present in our lives,
we create space for more to come in.

Simply try stating in your mind affirmations
I am well…
I am lucky…
Things are always working out for me….

Everything depends on the images you place inside your imagination
and the feelings and expectations you have around those images.

Your positive energy cannot be faked
You have to conjure real genuine feelings of gratitude
and anticipation fot your life in order to attract more.

Try it for a few days
and you will start to notice changes
in the way you feel,
starting with the attitude you have upon waking.

When your first thoughts are full of joy and gratitude
and eagerness for the day ahead,
you know that change is on its way

Sleep is powerful, prepare yourself for it with positive thoughts
and watch your dreams become reality.